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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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terrorism or criminal activity. >> there have been different parts of the world. this is more security than i've ever seen. >> reporter: from capitol hill to washington, fences, barriers, and flood lights are transforming urban places to fortresses. >> it reminds me of what i was telling my daughter. we've been there for different events where they've had protests. i said look, this is looking more and more like europe with the fencing and paths cut off. >> it seems like a lot but i think it's great. there's some pretty prominent figures in the world. i wouldn't expect anything less. >> reporter: outside the nunsture where he will stay sits a truck buzzing with activity. >> it is kind of weird to see a lot of police around i guess, but i don't feel unsafe at all. i feel actually pretty safe here. >> reporter: fencing now surrounds the front of the property and the back, where
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additional lighting will illuminate the woods and keep trespassers out. >> i have faith, faith in the pope and faith in our country that it will keep us safe. >> reporter: other popes have visited the united states but none has proven as challenging to the secret service. pope francis is wildly popular and has a tendency to wade in to crowds of admirers. >> while the secret service is in charge of security for the pope's visit, the fbi is the lead agency gathering intelligence. if there is a crisis or emergency, the fbi will be managing the response. reporting live from the national maul, andrea roane, wusa 9. >> it is a mammoth task indeed. the agencies involved with security for the pope are relying on all of us to help keep everyone safe. to submit tips or information about potential threats you can log on to
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make sure you download our new mobile app, wusa 9. you'll have all the information at your fingertips about road closures and the items you cannot bring with you to any of the venues where the pope will be. we can see there's some showers today. a little cloudy, a little cool. will this all get out of here in time for the pope to arrive tomorrow? >> tenacious topper is tracking everything with first alert doppler. >> we're looking at showers and rain right now. everything is going to move out just perfectly in time for wednesday. here's the forecast. couldn't be much nicer and comfortable too in terms of temperatures. sunshine across the board. 66 at 9:00. 79 with sun shine at 5 p.m. an entirely different day than today. that's indeed good news. the good weather will continue in to thursday as well. we'll come back, track these showers for you and tell you what lies ahead for us, when she's showers will move on out. just in time for the evening commute, metro has restored service on the blue, orange, and silver lines around the stadium armory.
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a transformer fire earlier this morning at a metro power substation affected all three lines until about an hour ago. metro warns commuters to expect some delays. nobody was hurt in the transformer fire, however the cause of the fire remains under investigation tonight. a suspicious package left inside the post office and first responders rushing to the scene about an hour ago. so far no injuries have been reported but medics did check the vital signs of people who were inside the building merely as a precaution. hazardous material experts are investigating what's inside the package. we learned a short time ago that republican wisconsin governor announces he's dropping out of the race. hillary clinton is regaining some of the ground she loss over the summer. there is one person who could
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shift the dynamics of the race. he's still working through his grief and weighing his options. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is speaking out about his decision on whether or not to run for president. in an interview with america, released monday, biden tells the catholic magazine he may not be able to make a decision in time to make a run. >> there's certain windows that will close. but if that's it, that's it. it's not like ian rush it. >> reporter: biden says his family is still mourning the loss of his son beau who died this past may. if he does run, dr. jill biden's office confirmed reports that she will support her husband in a bid for the white house. >> for us it's a family decision and i just have to be comfortable that this will be good for the family. >> reporter: hillary clinton is the leading democrat in the field according to the latest cnn poll. when you take biden out of the equation, nearly all of his supporters go to her. donald trump leads the republican field ahead of carly
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fiorina and dr. ben carson. this weekend carson said he would not advocate for a muslim president and that response angered many muslims and the council on american-islamic relations said carson is unfit to lead america. >> we ask mr. ben carson to withdraw from the presidential race. >> reporter: carson says he stands lie his statement. >> carson had been second in the last cnn poll but carly fiorina's debate performance helped her leap ahead of him. meanwhile, donald trump dropped 8 points since the last poll was released at the beginning of the month. tonight a suspected killer is behind bars and now fairfax county police are trying to find out what triggered a shooting. police caught freddie rodriguez -- charged him with fatally shooting a man early this morning on havenwood place in alexandria. the suspect lived at the home with the victim that was there when police arrived. investigators recovered a gun that believe was used in the shooting.
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rodriguez is charged with second degree murder. this enraged woman was taken out of the courtroom at today's arraignment of the boston mother and boyfriend charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter. the judge ordered her to be held on $2 million and her boyfriend to be held without bail in the death of bond. a woman walking her dog in june discovered the body wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a trash bag. michael mccarthy is charged with killing the child. the couple is due back in court next month. another awful story involving children. a father in north carolina faces charges of trying to murder his three children. police say allen lassiter called 911 last night and said he threw his kids in to a large pond hoping to drown them because child protective services wanted to take them away. two girls, ages 3 and 5
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were pulled from the water by an off duty deputy. a 7-year-old boy was able to run for help. a 3-year-old is in critical condition. a former falls church democratic party leader is on trial again on new child sex abuse charges. michael gardner is charged with sexually abusing a young relative who came forward after he was released from prison last year in another child sex assault case. he's charged with two counts of aggravated sexual battery of a child in 2009. the allegations come from gardner's 18-year-old niece who revealed the alleged abuse last year after her uncle was released from prison in a separate case. in that case he was convicted of molesting two girls at a slumber party. he's set to be retried in november. today's commute was anything but smooth for two people after their truck slammed in to a home in capitol heights. take a look at it. this was the scene around 3:00 this afternoon on heath street near balboa avenue. authorities say the
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house did suffer some structural damage. the driver and the passenger of the truck are just fine. no word on why the truck went in to the house in the first place. pope francis wrapping up his trip to cuba before heading to the nation's capitol tomorrow. a live report from cuba about 10 minutes away. >> first, how a quick thinking good samaritan made the difference between life and death for a family just headed out
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the leaders of russia and israel met today to talk about the civil war in syria. russia's vladimir putin and israel's benjamin netanyahu met at putin's home. after the talks, netanyahu said the two leaders reached an agreement at measures aimed at preventing a wider war. the agreement comes as concerns build about a russian military buildup in syria. flames and smoke billowed in to the sky from a boat in the galveston bay in texas. the floating inferno turned a serene family fishing trip in to a life or death ordeal. flames broke out in the engine room just after the family left shore. good samaritan michael marquez rushed to the boat to alert the family of the danger. >> the whole boat was in flames. i went straight up real close to it and i was yelling throw the kid, throw the kid. >> people that saved our lives, i want to say thank you.
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>> here's the good news. everybody onboard was rescued without injury. the yacht went down about an hour later. four people near dallas, texas were hurt when this house was blown to bits early this morning. right now authorities are not sure what triggered the explosion. two of the victims are in the hospital this evening. nine other homes were damaged by the flying debris. up next, a live report from havana where pope francis is spending his final day before he flies here to dc. >> plus, topper tracking the weather for the pontiff's visit.
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when pope francis comes to town, one of the controversial topics he'll have to discuss is climate change. the pope has called climate change a global problem with grave implications. he says countries need to cut greenhouse gases and people need to live simpler lives. >> when someone like the pope says this is important and you've got to take notice, most people will listen and perhaps understand a bit more if it's something they should also be taking note of. >> a recent poll shows 45% of americans do not believe that people cause climate change and there's even been some backlash against the pope on this
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subject. republican congressman paul gosser of arizona plans to boycott the pope's address to congress. he said it's ridiculous to promote what he calls questionable science as catholic truth. aside from climate change, the pontiff is asking that cuba be willing to change too. >> during his address in cuba, pope francis called on the cuban government to serve people and not ideologies. chris martinez is traveling with the pope. how have the people responded to the people there? are they in the streets because they want to be? are they excited to be there? are they in the streets because fidel castro ordered them in to the streets? >> right. that's something we've seen before in other papal visits, for example, when pope benedict came to visit the island. we heard a lot of people at that point weren't so excited. very different story this time around. they are truly excited and enthusiastic about seeing this man and
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hearing what he has to say for a number of reasons including he's from latin america, he speaks their language. they feel they can really connect with this man. also it's no secret to them that pope francis has played a crucial pivotal role in helping to normalize relations between cuba and the u.s. again. they've been very interested to see what he might have to say during his time here. they're also going to be closely watch ing as he heads to washington and the united states. >> we know everything there is pretty tightly controlled in cuba. there were reports that a couple people tried to give the pope something the other day and the guards were quick to wrestle those people to the ground. can you see the accessibility the pope requires with the climate in the country? >> in that particular instance, that's a great example. people saw that happen. they saw people come toward the pope, wanting to give him fliers, and
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they were taken away. because as you mentioned the information is so tightly controlled, we haven't heard much about exactly what happened to those people, if they were charged with something. beyond that though, the people have told us that they feel as though they have some accessibility to him. when you consider that we've had had two masses here in two days and the estimate is we've had over 300,000 people between those two masses, they feel as though they are getting access at least to hear what he has to say and that of course is very important. another big deal for them here in cuba is they've had wi-fi hotspots set up here. about 35 or so that were set up in july, the vatican setting some up as well during pope francis' trip here. there's been at least for a limited time a flow in and out of information. particularly for the younger cubans, that's something that's greatly appreciated and they're seizing on that while they can. >> chris martinez live in havana. thanks a lot for that. this
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time tomorrow pope francis will be here so make sure you download our new wusa 9 mobile app. you'll find all the information you need at your fingertips from the road closures and items you cannot bring to the pope, to his full schedule during his time here. it will not take divine intervention to clear the yucky stuff out of here. it's just going to get out of here for the pope. >> unless it's one of the same. it's going to be very nice on wednesday and thursday. the clouds are going to hang tough tomorrow. i think we'll see maybe the sunset tomorrow. let's start with a live look outside. dreary day but we've had several weeks of dry weather. actually kind of nice. 65. winds out of the north northeast at 12. temps are going to be at the 60s. not looking at anything heavy. but bundle up. temps are not going
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to go up any. on and off showers throughout the whole game. here's the 1st alert doppler over the last hour. you can see kind of an increase in some of the yellows showing up. everything pushing off from the southwest off to the north and east at about 16. we'll zoom back in. heaviest activity south of leesburg. down toward hay market and over toward manassas as well. and in town, north of old town, there's pretty good showers and rain going on around 395, east of tyson's corner and up toward silver spring. maybe a little slow going tonight. no doubt about that going home. we've got more rain around college park, the stadium, howard university has little patches of moderate shower activity on top. everything is moving again off to the north and east. we'll zoom in a little bit toward nats park. still some moderate showers and more showers back to the south. these showers toward reagan national begin to move north eastward in to the nats ballpark. it's going to be a cold wet game.
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bus stop temperatures 56 to 68. kind of a cool start. primary clouds tomorrow. not so much shower activity. trying to hint at showers lingering tomorrow morning. i'll readdress that tonight at 11:00. mostly cloudy on tuesday. if we're lucky we'll see the sunset. looks pleasant for the pope. temperatures around 80 with sunshine returning. here's the futurecast. still showers across the metro area. upper 50s to low 60s downtown. by morning, by about 6:00, still light showers possibly with temperatures in the 50s. 56 in gaithersburg. 53 in manassas and those showers give way to clouds as we go through the midmorning temperatures in the 60s headed for about 75 on tuesday. solid clouds through the morning no doubt about that. 72. and still mostly cloudy at 1 p.m. wednesday, nice for the pope. sunshine and 80. upper 70s on thursday and still nice. after that we
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kind of go downhill. upper 70s friday, saturday, sunday, near 80 on monday. showers possible all those days. don't see any day being a washout but all in all with rain on either side of the pope's visit, we're getting off very, very lucky. perhaps it
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burgundy and gold fans finally got to wake up today with a smile on their face as the team enjoys its first victory monday. that usually means a day off but not this week because they have a quick turnaround, after dumping st. louis and improved to 1-1, skins are prepping for the giants
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thursday night. frank hanrahan is out at redskins park with the latest on a team that people all of the sudden are feeling pretty good about. >> everybody is saying wait a second, redskins pretty decent, ask when they're running the football like they did against st. louis on the ground over 100 yards rushing for matt jones, and that is the main ingredient for this redskins team moving forward. kirk cousins was very effective throwing the football. didn't have any bad turnovers but coach gruden knows for this team to be successful including thursday night against the new york football giants up in jersey, they're going to have to be continuing to be successful running that football. >> it's never going to be easy but we have to stick to it. it does a couple things. obviously it runs clock. our linemen love it. it takes a little bit of pressure off the quarterback which is very, very important. it's been good for us. it's been a good recipe for us so far. >> and a couple notes to pass
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on out here at the park. david amerson was second round pick in 2014. the cornerback was released outright by the redskins. he's no longer on the team to make room for chris culliver returning from suspension. we'll have to watch out for riley. linebacker hurt his calf. according to coach gruden he is day-to-day. he's probably going to be questionable for the giants game thursday. that's the latest out here from a dreary redskins park. smiles all around as the skins are 1-1. >> amerson didn't play a snap yesterday, now been released. just when we thought we caught a break from the quarterback drama, a new report out today by bleacher report says there is tension in the locker room. they don't speak and aren't in the same room together. a continuation of a pattern that griffin doesn't get along with others in the building. of course rg3 quick to twitter to
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try to quiet the rumors, saying when the hate don't work, they start telling lies. i guess celebrating that your team won with your teammates is isolating yourself. finally tonight, check out this cool little trick play. they get the kickoff. huddle up. somebody has the ball. nobody knows who has the ball. opponents are so confused, runs it back for a touchdown. cool little trick play there by some high schoolers with imagination. >> joe theismann, kirk cousins. if he can get up to that level. you're like what does topper know? that's what you're saying. >> it's two games. let's see how it goes. >> that's it for us. cbs evening news is next. >> i agree. stick with weather weather. >> see you
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>> pelley: the world's largest carmaker admits it rigged 500,000 vehicles to cheat on emissions tests. a criminal investigation may be next. also tonight, on the eve of the pope's visit, thousands vow to follow his example of compassion. >> i felt so good, i knew it had to be the right thing to do. >> pelley: man who figured to be a top candidate has dropped out of the republican race. and actress viola davis makes history. >> you're talented but you've been in the game for 20, 30, 40 years, and we want the same opportunities. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight we have learned that the department of justice is opening a criminal investigation into a sch


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